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About Caribbean Linkage Radio





Caribbean Linkage radio is a unique internet radio station playing a blend of music from the West Indies. Whether it is Kompa, Soca, Zouk, Salsa, Merengue, African rhythms, Reggae, or Calypso, Caribbean Linkage Radio prides itself on having DJs that are experts with each genre of music to give you the best listening experience possible. Caribbean Linkage Radio is available via  TuneIn and AudioNow @ 641-552-5141 listen any time and anywhere.





There are more than 7,000 islands in the Caribbean, and they belong to over 28 distinct nations. The nation with the most Caribbean islands is the Bahamas, with approximately 501 islands. Puerto Rico is made up of at least 142 islands.

Many of the land forms in the Caribbean that are considered islands are small surfaces, composed entirely of rock, coral or sand, that are uninhabited by people. Other Caribbean nations with large numbers of islands include Martinique, with 50 islands, the United States Virgin Islands, with 81, and the British Virgin Islands, with 41. The largest islands in the Caribbean are Hispaniola, Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico.




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